Utensil Fail, Chef.

***Warning – This post has nothing whatsoever to do with cycling***

Ok time for a little moan.  I’m a big fan of Raymond Blanc, and have been enjoying his latest show ‘Kitchen Secrets‘.  A couple of weeks ago he launched into a tirade about the crap design of a thermometer (I think), ironically it transpired that the much-maligned implement was actually one from his own range of kitchen equipment.

As it happens, I own one of Raymond’s kitchen gadgets, an Anolon garlic press bought at great expense to replace the piece of crap, super cheap M&S one I’d bought when I moved in, which turned out to have all the ‘crushing’ qualities of a soggy hamster.

Annoyingly it turns out that the thermometer isn’t the only poorly designed part of Raymond’s range; my garlic press has broken already, after just two weeks.  Now I’m quite partial to garlic, more than partial actually, but even I don’t consume enough to wear out a press in such short order.*

So, Monsieur Blanc, if you are going to put your name to something, you might want to make sure the design and quality is up to scratch first.  Especially if you are a world famous chef known for your attention to detail.

*Although I do eat a lot of the stuff.


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3 Responses to Utensil Fail, Chef.

  1. Stuart (StuAff) says:

    He somewhat blotted his copybook RE attention to detail by picking those two blonde idiots as Restaurant winners. They couldn’t cook, FFS!

  2. Olivia says:

    Rubbish! My cooking thermometer’s ink wipes off if you wipe it at a high temperature. Useful, hey?

    Zyliss make the original and best garlic presses. Had mine 10 years and it’s as good as new.

  3. biondino says:

    Non-cycling blog posts don’t need an apology!

    *complaining* posts, on the other hand 😉

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