Why I hate Barca

Football supporters are an irrational bunch, myself as much as anyone.  Barça are playing Inter tonight, they’re going to lose and I’ll be delighted when they do.  I hate Barça, I hate the way the press never miss an opportunity to idolise them, I hate their smug sponsorship deal with Unicef, doesn’t matter how laudable an arrangement it is, I hate it.  I hate the fans with all their faux Catalonian nationalistic crap.  I hate the way their eventual victory is always assumed, the way that commentary teams consistently fawn over them.  I hate the way their cheating antics have denied Chelsea time and again.

I’m watching them now*, at least I think I am, it looks more like synchronised diving than football, and the overwhelming naffness of ITV’s coverage does nothing to help.  The funny thing is, Barça have no plan B and José has them sussed, he’s pricked their bubble and shown them up.  You’re going to lose, Barça, I just wish it was Chelsea doling out the footballing lesson.

*ok so I’m sticking my neck out here and publishing during play…


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