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Why I hate Barca

Football supporters are an irrational bunch, myself as much as anyone.  Barça are playing Inter tonight, they’re going to lose and I’ll be delighted when they do.  I hate Barça, I hate the way the press never miss an opportunity … Continue reading

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Etiquette and some pointers

It’s nodder time again.  Every year, when winter reluctantly retreats into his sodden cave, and the sun threatens to grace us with her presence (April, basically), the fair weather cyclists emerge from hibernation, and flock¹ together on London’s roads².  Theirs … Continue reading

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Review No.1 (Arbutus)

Over the course of February and March I have been lucky enough to dine at three Michelin starred restaurants (each boasting just the one star), today I’m going to sum up my thoughts on the first of these: Arbutus I … Continue reading

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Utensil Fail, Chef.

***Warning – This post has nothing whatsoever to do with cycling*** Ok time for a little moan.  I’m a big fan of Raymond Blanc, and have been enjoying his latest show ‘Kitchen Secrets‘.  A couple of weeks ago he launched … Continue reading

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Are cyclists mental?

I was dismounting (with customary flair) outside my office the other morning, when I was approached by the owner of our on-site café. He sidled up to me with his usual air of faux bonhomie¹ querying the lack of gears … Continue reading

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Rapha (and thievery)

My first ever blog starts with a tale of woe.  I bought a lovely new cycling Jacket in January (A Castelli Mannaggia).  It was purchased to replace my cherished Castelli Solo, which was cut off following my crash back in … Continue reading

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